Improvement Request: Caching all Xoml relevant meta information


The current implementation just caches the mapping information. For performance and features like AliasAttribute an extensive caching mechanism is needed. Also a nice feature would be if XamlMarkupExtensions could access the meta information. One use case could be accessing ConverterAttributes.
public class XomlMarkupCache {
public XomlNamespaceInfo GetNamespaceInfo(Assembly assembly);
public XomlNamespaceInfo GetNamespaceInfo(string namespaceURI);
public XomlTypeInfo GetTypeInfo(Type type);
public XomlTypeInfo GetTypeInfo(string namespaceURI, string typeName);
The XomlMarkupCache should be capable to return the markup information about each type in a Xoml namespace scope. All core Xoml attributes (like DefaultPropertyAttribute, AliasAttribute, ...) should be accessible directly.
The markup cache should be accessible through a static property of the XomlLoader.